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The Divine Design Lecture Series 


Divine Design is a computer directed multimedia lecture presentation series which gives glory to God the Father Almighty as the Designer of all. Mathematics is shown to be "the alphabet with which God has written the universe." (Galileo) Technology is shown to be man's attempt at mimicking God's designs. Each presentation lasts about one hour and is suitable for any group from high school age through adult. No special mathematics background is necessary. Those who do have a mathematics background or who are currently studying Christian education, mathematics, science, or computer science will especially benefit. The seven lectures currently in the Divine Design series are The Divine Proportion, Thinking God's Thoughts After Him, Symmetry, The Two Infinities, Stop and Consider God's Wonders, Periodic Order, and Optimal Design.

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The Divine Proportion 
This presentation was designed to be the culmination of a three week teaching unit in high school, college, or with adults, where students are to learn or review mathematical topics of classical constructions, the quadratic formula, symmetry, graphing, similarity, proportions, and solid geometry. If these concepts have been taught or reinforced, the presentation is an excellent final activity. The lecture can also work quite well with young adults or adults who have not had these concepts, or haven't had them in quite a while.

The presentation is presented using a computer and large video monitors or a video projection system. It has digitized pictures of many treasures in God's creation which demonstrate the divine proportion (golden ratio), symmetry, Fibonacci's numbers, trigonometric graphs, solid geometry and other mathematics concepts. In addition to digitized slides, animation and other graphics techniques are used. Students are usually surprised and refreshed to see some of the hidden precision and design in the world. This gives a boost to students who are always wondering about the practical application of mathematics to daily life. Above all, students are amazed to see the care that their God has used in creating and preserving this world.











Thinking God's Thoughts After Him 

Man has long copied the designs which God has placed into the universe. He has placed these designs in us, in the many creatures of His creation, and in the elements and substances that are part of His marvelous creation. There is a whole branch of science devoted to studying God's designs and making good use of them in our own designs. This science is called bionics. Rarely do we give God the credit for these perfect, original designs. This multimedia presentation is aimed at giving God the credit. It should also amaze the viewer how many high tech designs are in creation, and how these designs are being used today to make new high tech devices. A special emphasis will be given to current and future computer technology.

The lecture shows clearly how design and mathematics itself are created by God, with man discovering it small piece by small piece.












Again, this presentation is designed to be the culmination of a teaching unit where students are led through the mathematics concepts first, followed by several activities aimed at applications of symmetry to the living creatures and treasures in God's creation. The presentation is also very effective without the teaching unit preceding it. The concept of symmetry is so basic that we often overlook its presence and importance in our lives. These basics will be pointed out with a demonstration of the balance that God has placed into his universe, and the balance which he has included in the laws of the universe. Even though the concept of symmetry is simple and basic, it is shown to be the key to solving very complex problems.

Again, the presentation will include a multimedia computer directed show.











The Two Infinities 

This lecture focuses on number and size. By going through a multimedia tour of the universe both on the macro and micro scales, we quickly see how small a section of all numbers and objects that we can comprehend. We are also reminded of the way mathematics comes to a screeching halt whenever we come up against infinity. Along with this tour of the universe is a tour of special and famous numbers. Exploring their unique properties and their history make for interesting side trips. Once again, God is clearly shown to be in control, and man is an interested tourist who does not understand all that he is seeing, but wants to learn more.

This lecture will also be presented using a computer and multimedia.



























Stop and Consider God's Wonders


How well designed is God's creation? There is a major branch of science today dedicated to studying, analyzing, and copying these incredible designs. This is science called bionics, biomimetics, biognosis, biomimicry, and bioengineering or bioneering. Related fields are biomechanics, biochemistry, and biophysics. This is now a huge scientific industry worldwide.

This presentation continues the seemingly endless display of God's awesome technological wonders in his creation. It could be considered "Thinking God's Thoughts after Him II" as it continues the theme that we get mathematical order, precision, and awesome technology from observing His work.

As science allows more and more to observe God's works on new dimensions we are continually amazed with the incredible knowledge and wisdom found there... despite the fact that sin has corrupted creation from its original perfection.


































Optimal Design 

The photograph above shows an important principle of light: light always takes the path that will get it to its destination in the quickest amount of time. One of the main uses of differential calculus is to find optimal solutions. God's marvelous creation repeatedly demonstrates maximum efficiency.

Johannes Kepler said: “Nature uses as little as possible of anything.” Mathematician Pierre Maupertuis said: “Nature always operates with the greatest possible economy.” Mathematician Leonhard Euler said: “…because the shape of the whole universe is most perfect and, in fact, designed by the wisest creator, nothing in all the world will occur in which no maximum or minimum rule is somehow shining forth.” Biomimetic Engineers at the Centre for Biomimetics, University of Reading state: “Nature works for maximum achievement at minimum effort.”

This presentation observes a small sampling of this awesome efficiency in God's creation. To fully appreciate this content individuals will benefit from knowing college algebra or differential calculus.






























Periodic Order 


"And there was evening, and there was morning—the first day." (Genesis 1:3b) "As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease." (Genesis 8:22) Our Creator set up our world to have repeating cycles. These cycles are mathematically precise and repetitive. Johannes Kepler was thrilled to have found mathematical patterns related to our planet and its relationship to the sun. These repeating patterns are throughout all of creation including animal life, weather cycles, and human life.

This presentation explores this order that dominates our life and world. Here is an outstanding mathematical order which we take for granted.































Listen to what some have said of the series:

From a Christian University where they had 1 of the lectures several times:

"Mr. Buelow's deep personal Christian commitment burned through right from the introductory section of his lecture and persisted strongly throughout." "It was obvious that he had captured not only their attention, but also fixing in them a new interest in Christian pedagogy. Their fascination with his well prepared and fast moving program was evident; I could almost hear the wheels turning in their minds, 'Man, if he can do this with math, what could I do with my subject!'" "He has assisted us significantly in our teacher training program, touching approximately 100 of our teachers-in-training, many of whom are third worlders, so his impact will be felt in Christian education around the world."

From a Christian College where they had a lecture from the series:

"The best convocation of the year!"

From a Pastor observing a Bible Class presentation at another church:

"I couldn't get over how good your presentation was."

From students who have had both the teaching units and lectures:

"This unit was enjoyed by myself and many others. It made us think, not because we had to, but because we wanted to..."  "You brought us along with your thoughts and ideas, we were captured by them."

"This unit helped me to better understand the meaning of the word almighty."

"...One of the most comprehendible examples of God's omnipotence that I have experienced."

"This makes me look at many things and notice the special way God put everything together."

"I think that it helped to strengthen my faith even more."

"It showed me how math is related to the field I'm thinking of going into." (the ministry)

If any good comes from these presentations, it is only due to the grace and gifts of God. To Him alone be the glory!

Dr. Ronald A. Buelow
2714 Sandra Lane
Waukesha, WI 53188
(262) 408-5547

Dr. Ronald Buelow is a professor of mathematics at Wisconsin Lutheran College and loves to share what he has found out.

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