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Calculus Links
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Thinking God's Thoughts After Him

Calculus Links 

Calculus Text Online Calculus @ Internet
Calculus - University of Toledo Calculus at the University of Tennessee - Knoxville
e-Calculus - University of Akron Karl's Calculus Tutor
Calculus on the Web History of Calculus
UBC Calculus Calculus @ U. of Wisconsin - Whitewater
Calculus Projects

The Divine Proportion 

The Numbers of Life Phi (used to represent the Divine Proportion)
Phi, that Golden Number Fibonacci's Numbers and Phi
Fibonacci's Numbers in God's Creation Fibonacci Numbers in God's Creation II
Nature's Structural Elements The golden section and Chaos
Fibonacci Quarterly Magazine The Fibonacci Numbers, a Course
Phi, The Golden Section Ratio Golden Conic Sections
The Golden Mean Fibonacci and Recursion
The Golden Section The Golden Cut of a Segment
Golden Section Cable Design NOVA online - The Pyramids
 Fibonacci Art  Le Corbusier & The Modular
Phi, God's Creation, and Architecture The Golden Section in Art, Architecture and Music
Did Mozart Use the Golden Section? The Platonic Solids and Phi
Golden Mean, Painting, & Architecture Pineapple Project
The Golden Triangle Gnomon in Euclid's Elements
The Divine Proportion & Biology  


The Symmetry of Escher's Art Symmetry and Pattern in Oriental Rugs
Unfolding Structures The Significance of Symmetry
Transformation Symmetry and Brain MRI's
Types of Symmetry in a Plane Symmetry in Science and Technology
Find Symmetry for Each Element Conservation Laws and Symmetry
Symmetry Online Forward Motion: Bilateral Symmetry
Bilateral Symmetry: Man-made Objects Radial Symmetry: Man-made Objects
Symmetry of the Human Brain Symmetry in Design
Symmetry in the Sea Urchin Most Symmetrical Large Molecule - Buckyballs

Mathematics Projects 

Mathematics Experiments

Mathematics History Puzzles, Proofs, and Project Ideas
More Mathematics History History Making Proof
Mathematics Project Ideas Optical Illusions
Calculus Projects Mathematics Quotations
Proofs & Greek Mathematics Classic Fallacies
Proof Examples Archimedes Home Page
Da Vinci's Inventor Home Page Calculating Machines
Notable Women of Computing & Mathematics Women and Mathematics
Women Mathematicians History of Mathematics Archive


R. Buckminster Fuller on PBS 
Pavilion of Polyhedreality Biomimetics, Buckminster Fuller
Uniform Polyhedra The Geometry Junkyard: Polyhedra and Polytopes
Reciprocal Polyhedra Polyhedra
Platonic Solids Hoberman Associates
Archimedean Semi-Regular Polyhedra Imaging the Imagined:   The Platonic Solids & Polyhedra: plane & cool shapes


The Basic Practice of Statistics - Text Site
HyperStat Online Statistics Textbook
Statistics Glossary Elementary Statistics Interactive


Ramanujan, Modular Equations, and Approximations to Pi or How to compute One Billion Digits of Pi
Rucker, R.: Infinity and the Mind: The Science and Philosophy of the Infinite.
The Fibonacci numbers in a formula for Pi A View from the Back of the Envelope
COSMIC VIEW: The Universe in 40 Jumps Mathematical Constants
The Euler's Number Home Page Infinite Ink's Mathematics Page
Hubble Site Images Ideas, Concepts and Definitions
NOVA: Infinite Secrets Powers of Ten
The Largest Known Primes History of Infinity
If a Millimeter were a Light Year Infinity: You can't get there from here!


Totally Tessellated
What are Tessellations? Tessellations, Puzzle, Prints, & More
Hyperbolic Tessellations Virtual Manipulative Tessellations
Tilings More Tessellations

Thinking God's Thoughts After Him 

DNA-based Computers? Nature's Structural Elements
Biomimicry From Sharks: New Anti-Algae Coating
Quasi-Periodic Crystals Flying Formation
Center for Biomimetics Biomimetics Research
Nantechnology Now Airplane wings that change shape like a bird's
Biomimetics: Biologically-Inspired Technologies Formation Flying makes Migration Less of a Drag
Tumbleweed cleans up Toxis Waste Artificial Neural Networks Technology