Office:  S147 (Science Building)
Office Phone: (414)443-8836
Office Hours:
     10:30(WU) MWF, 1:30 TR, 2:30 MTWRF;
     other times by appointment


Calculus 1 (MAT 221)
   Section 1:  9:00-9:50 MWF, 10:00 T, S112
   Section 2:  11:30-12:20 MTWF, S112
      For algebra review, Maple tutorial,trig review,
      syllabus, performance expectations,
      weekly schedule, core exercises, and sample exams
      visit the Calc Page.

Calculus 3 (MAT 223)
   8:00-8:50 MTWF, S151
      For trig review, syllabus, performance expectations,
      and core exercises visit the Calc Page.

Introduction to Probability (MAT 351)
   1:30-2:20 MWF, S151

Areas of interest:
   Real and complex analysis
   Logic and foundations

Current scholarly activities:
   I'm writing two textbooks: one in real analysis (MAT 421), the other in foundations (MAT 231).

Famous Quote of the month:
Mathematics is not the stiff and paralyzing schema the layman prefers to imagine; rather, with mathematics we stand precisely at that intersection of bondage and freedom that is the essence of the human itself.
    --Hermann Weyl. "Levels of Infinity: Selected Writings on Mathematics and Philosophy"

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